About Elbows and Knees

I'm a good Jewish gal that loves God, but I also love Lagerfeld. And Stella McCartney. And Alexander McQueen. Azzadine Alaia. Versace, Celine, Calvin, Rodarte, and oh God, BALMAIN. And the list goes on and on and on. Unfortunately, Judaism dictates modesty, and that means a strict dress code of skirts and long sleeves. No skinny jeans, no miniskirts, no shoulder baring tanks, and no dresses that fall above the knee. With limitations like that, what's a fashion loving religious girl to do?

That's where my blog comes in. After years of perfecting the art of modest but fashionable dress, I decided to create a hub where all religious girls that worship fashion can find inspiration for looks that are unique, individual, fashionable, but most importantly, still modest.
This blog should serve as everday inspiration on how not to look like a clone of every other girl who's covered up. (There's other things you can wear besides tight black shirt, black skirt, black stockings and flats!) You'll see some of fashion's biggest insiders covered up and looking amazing! Now get inspired!

Disclaimer: Not all of the pieces featured in a certain look are Orthodox appropriate, but you'll get the basic idea (fyi, you can always throw a cardi or blazer over a tank and still look cool).