Sunday, May 22, 2011

Alexander Wang : Adele Clutch

Alexander Wang Adele Clutch Ombre with Black Matte Hardware, $625

Alexander Wang Adele Clutch Burlap with Gold Hardware, $450
Which one??? I seriously don't know. That's how cute the burlap one is- it's competing with classic black!


  1. Had this exact same dilemma once with that clutch S got me for Vday years and years ago, got the burlap, regretted it ever after. Get the black, burlap is a trend and a seasonal one at that (you won't be carrying burlap in the winter, trust). Black is forever. Plus, let's not pretend you don't only wear black anyway.

  2. i bought the Burlap clutch a while ago! i was really pulled by it for some reason. Plus i wanted to stay away from black. But i do love the Ombre effect on the black, i think thats the next big thing. i definitely think you would do more justice with the black. ;) also they're all on sale now! lucky you! maybe get both :P